How To Fix Your Impotence(ED)

You Need To Know About Erection Problems?

To deal with your erection problems you can choose from:

  • Medication or devices.
  • Exercise and lifestyle changes.
  • Therapy or counselling.

Whether the problem is coming from your brain or your body, we can help you find the right solution that works for you.

Can you fix erectile dysfunction permanently?

For some people it is possible for their erectile dysfunction symptoms to end permanently, but this depends on what the causes are. Even if you can’t solve your erection problems permanently, you can still find a solution you can use regularly.

Long-term solutions to erectile dysfunction include:

  • Exercise or lifestyle changes (31-40% of people find these work for them) – if you stick to regular exercises for erectile dysfunction, or you follow through on healthier lifestyle choices, then you may find your erection problems don’t come back. On top of that, you might see some other general health benefits.
  • Counselling or sex therapy (58% of people find this works for them) –mind-related causes of erectile dysfunction can affect anyone. They are more likely if you experience erectile dysfunction at a younger age. Talking to a counsellor or therapist can help some people overcome erectile dysfunction related to these problems, possibly for good. They can also help you if your erectile dysfunction is causing you stress, as this can make matters worse.
  • Having your current medication checked – if you are taking medication already, it could be that your erection problems are a side effect. Have a doctor check whether this is the cause of your problems and if it is, you might be able to switch medications and then find that your erectile dysfunction goes away completely – or at least improves. Medications that can cause erection problems include:
  • Blood pressure medication.
  • Antidepressants.
  • Steroids.
  • Antihistamines.

Remember that even if you decide to go for another option like erectile dysfunction medication or devices like implants, penis pumps, or penis rings, these can be used long-term as well. Although it’s possible to take medication long-term, a doctor will need to check they are still right for you each time you need more.B

Why does my erection need fixing?

There are two main types of erections problems that need fixing:

  • Psychological (related to your brain).
  • Physiological (related to your body).

Psychological erection problems – these come from your brain not being able to send the signal to the penis to start an erection or keep it going. This can be either because you aren’t aroused or because the signal is blocked, by anxiety for example. Solutions to psychological erectile dysfunction include:

  • Counselling or therapy.
  • Exercise or lifestyle changes.
  • Medication.

Physiological erection problems – these come from outside your brain and can include problems with your circulatory or nervous systems which are responsible for supplying blood and nerve signals to your penis. Solutions to physiological erection problems include:

  • Exercise or lifestyle changes.
  • Medication.

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Can medication help me fix my erectile dysfunction?

The go-to tool for tackling erection problems is a type of medication called ‘PDE-5 inhibitors’. The PDE-5 inhibitors available in the UK are:

  • Viagra (active ingredient – sildenafil) – probably the best known and the oldest PDE-5 medication. It comes in a cheap generic formed called by the active ingredient name, Sildenafil.
  • Cialis (active ingredient – tadalafil) – also well known, especially in the USA, this is the longest lasting PDE-5 inhibitor, up to 36 hours.
  • Levitra (active ingredient – vardenafil) – similar to Viagra but has less chance to cause eye-related side effects.
  • Stedra (active ingredient – avanafil) – the newest medication on the market, it gets to work the fastest, as quick as 15 minutes in some cases.

You can order any of these medications so long as you’ve had an assessment from a doctor first and they agree the medication is right for you. This is because they are prescription-only. You can get an assessment by making an appointment to see your local GP or you start the assessment straight away if you use an online doctor service.

These medications don’t work for everyone but they are easy to use and work for around 60% of people who try them. They work by making it easier to get an erection by reducing the effect of (inhibiting) the chemical PDE-5. This chemical is used in the body to make sure there isn’t too much blood in the penis during an erection, but if you have erectile dysfunction then this chemical ends up over-compensating.

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Not everyone can take these medications. You may not be able to try them if you:

  • Have some existing health problems (like heart disease).
  • Are taking certain medications (like nitrates).

PDE-5 inhibitor medications can also cause some side effects.

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